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NBA Sent Memo Reminding Players To Dress Appropriately When Receiving Room Service

BOSTON (CBS) -- So far, NBA players are enjoying life inside the bubble in Orlando. Perhaps maybe a little too much.

Like kids away at summer camp, NBA players apparently need to be reminded of the rules from time to time. We've already seen one player -- Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes -- end up in quarantine for leaving campus to pick up a food delivery.

Apparently, other players are having some difficulty getting their food as well. Or, at least, getting their food in proper attire.

According to ESPN's Malika Andrews, the NBA had to send out a memo reminding players of campus rules. The basics are covered, from wearing face masks to not allowing anyone from the outside into the bubble. But players also had to be reminded to dress appropriately when receiving room service.

Yep, players had to be reminded to wear clothes when getting their room service.

We're looking at you, J.R. Smith.

Hopefully, one reminder is enough.

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