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3D Glasses Transform Worcester Mural

WORCESTER (CBS) - A new mural in Worcester is attracting a lot of attention, but you need a little help to see every perspective.

It's part of an outdoor art project, this one is on the side of the Hanover Theater.

And for people walking by, it's well worth stopping.

"Wow," exclaims Amanda Carr as she looks at the mural.

Spectators Outside Mural
Amanda Carr and Daylena Hayes (WBZ-TV)

She and Darlene Hayes were stopped in their tracks on Federal St. Tuesday.

"Even the details, the eyebrows and everything else in there, it's beautiful," Darlene says.

The mural shows a couple at a tender moment, an overlay of blue and red paint that transforms when you look through old school 3-D glasses.

"If you close one eye then the other, you'll see a completely different mural through the red side than you would see through the blue side, so it's essentially 2 layers on top of each other creating that effect," explains Jessica Walsh, the co-director of Pow Wow Worcester, an art project that has graced the city with about 100 murals.

Worcester Mural
Worcester Mural (WBZ-TV)

This one, by a Greek artist who goes by the handle Insane51, is the latest and most unique.

"Worcester needs to be looked at a little more closely and that mural needs to be looked at a little more closely. It's more than meets the eye when you first look at it," Walsh says.

The "blue" side shows the couple in the flesh, while the "red" side shows what's beneath the surface. The amount of depth of emotions it gives, it shows the heart is way more than skin deep," Darlene says.

Worcester Mural
Worcester Mural (WBZ-TV)

"It's beauty and love, combined. It's just so beautiful and it really just depicts true love," Amanda adds.

Pow Wow Worcester is a way for people to see art without having to go to a museum or gallery, the art comes to the street. "We take great pride in our city and we're trying to make it as beautiful and wonderful as possible," according to Walsh. And with this piece, outdoor art takes a giant step.

Though you can enjoy the mural with just your eyes, it's much cooler with the 3-D glasses. They're cheaply available online, and organizers are talking about installing a viewing station on the street.

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