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Mic'd Up Video Shows What Tom Brady Said To Receivers On Sideline In Houston

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Statistically, Tom Brady had a pretty great night on Sunday in Houston. In real life, though, Brady had himself a rather frustrating evening.

Some early miscommunication and misfires led to yet another slow start for the Patriots offense, which scored three points in the first half and went 33 minutes without scoring. Early in that struggle, Brady was shown on the NBC broadcast making an impassioned speech to his receivers. The internet's lip readers -- professional and otherwise -- went to work to try to break down that message, which basically broke down to an urging of the receivers to play faster and less robotic.

Now in a new mic'd up video, we've gotten a little bit more.

Picking up seemingly where the broadcast video ended, the "Sights & Sounds" video from the Patriots showed what Brady was saying to end his message.

"Come on, let's go grind this out," Brady yelled in the direction of Julian Edelman, Phillip Dorsett and Mohamed Sanu. "It ain't gonna be easy. It's gonna be all man [coverage]. We're not gonna be wide open."

(Brady's message comes around the 2-minute mark.)

Some other notes from the mic'd up clip:

--After a rough start by their standards, the defense got a talking-to from Bill Belichick. Such sideline messages are not at all rare, but what stood out in this message was how he was able to flat-out tell Patrick Chung that he missed a tackle and it proved to be supremely costly.

"On that drive, we missed two sacks," Belichick told the defense, after John Simon had Deshaun Watson completely wrapped up before losing his grip. "We gotta wrap the quarterback up. It's all get back on track plays. First downs, no problem. Second down ... in the flat, miss a tackle on the tight end ... miss a sack in the backfield. We gotta play better or more alert on second down."

--Belichick had a nice embrace with Romeo Crennel after the game. Belichick's ice-cold handshake with Bill O'Brien was the subject of some Twitter scrutiny late Sunday night, but he clearly still holds longtime friend Romeo in the highest regard.

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