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Meteor Streaks Across Sky In Portland Police Dash Cam Video

PORTLAND, Maine (CBS) -- A Portland Police sergeant's dashboard camera caught a meteor falling from the sky early Tuesday morning.

Police said a Sgt. Farris was parked in front of Portland's central fire station looking for speeders around 12:50 a.m. when the meteor fell. In the video below, another officer can be heard saying "Oh my God" in the background as the sergeant's dash cam picks up the bright streak in the night sky.

The American Meteor Society said the meteor could be seen as far south as New Jersey and as far north as Nova Scotia. One museum is offering up to $20,000 for pieces of the meteorite, if they can be recovered.

"Let's hope the visitors are friendly," wrote Portland Police in a Facebook post. "They could just be some of Stephen King's friends on there way to visit him. Whom ever they are I'm sure we could win them over with a whoopie pie."

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