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'We Can't Keep Normalizing Hate': Mayor Michelle Wu Says About Protesters Outside Her Home

BOSTON (CBS) -- Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has tweeted about protesters who have gathered outside her home. The mayor said she welcomes accountability but the protests are impacting her neighbors.

"My next door neighbor is a 96 year-old veteran who deserves his sleep & we have so many families on our street with young kids who are getting woken up by the hate every morning," Wu wrote.

In a separate tweet, Wu said, "To have a chance at healing & building community, we can't keep normalizing hate."

At one point, protesters were chanting "Happy birthday, Hitler."

In response to another tweet, Wu wrote that "the protests outside my house are making me surer everyday that we're doing the right thing. It's a daily reminder of how we need strong policy to address deeply-rooted misinformation & fear-mongering."

Starting Saturday, proof of at least one vaccine dose will be required for patrons and workers in Boston at indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment venues.

The city is delaying its enforcement of the vaccine mandate on city workers. Employees who have not complied with the mandate will not officially be disciplined until nine days after the Saturday deadline, Wu announced Friday.

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