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Matt Siegel Announces Retirement From Kiss 108's 'Matty In The Morning'

BOSTON (CBS) – Matt Siegel, the longtime host of "Matty in the Morning" on Kiss 108 in Boston, announced his retirement on Tuesday.

Siegel has been missing from the broadcast for the last few weeks.

"As of now, I am retired, leaving Kiss 108 and starting my new life as a mediocre golfer," Siegel said during an announcement on the show.

During his announcement, Siegel said the last year "has been a little rough for me," adding he had brain surgery, a broken foot and began "getting a little grumpy on the air."

"I got off target," Siegel said. "All I want to do is make people laugh. That's my job."

Siegel appeared to quit last year when he stormed off mid-show after he was told to stop talking about Demi Lovato regarding the singer's announcement that they now identify as non-binary. Siegel returned the next day, and told listeners he "snapped" and has been "frustrated" recently because he's been forced to talk about topics he has no interest in.

Siegel, who celebrated 40 years on his radio show last year, said Tuesday that after consulting with his family "We decided it was time."

"It's been such a glorious run. I'm so appreciative," Siegel said.

Co-host Billy Costa said, "Matty and I have been partners for 35 plus years and best friends for 35 plus years."

"I'm still trying to settle in with it, still trying to process it so to speak," Costa said. "He's had an incredible run 41 years, always on top, ruling the airwaves, it's really unprecedented."

Fellow radio legend Charles Laquidara chimed in on the announcement, calling Siegal the most talented radio host in Boston.

"The guy just had a natural sense of satire and made it all work, he was just the best, there will never be another Matt Siegel," Laquidara said.

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