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Keller @ Large: Gov. Baker Weighs In On Bill That Would Ban Protests Within 100 Yards Of Public Officials' Homes

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is no stranger to protesters outside of his Swampscott home. Through a proposed bill, that could change.

If passed, a bill would ban demonstrations closer than 100 yards of public officials' homes.

Baker was asked about the bill during a one-on-one interview with WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller. The Republican governor, whose home has been the target of protests in the past, said he believes the proposal could work.

"We have neighbors. For our neighbors who never ran for office, never got elected to anything, this was a nightmare. They were really good sports about the whole thing," Baker said. "People ought to have a right to protest, they ought to have a right to have their voice be heard. But I do have a little trouble with this idea, especially when people don't necessarily respect our appreciate the fact that somebody live son either side of elected officials. We really do put them and their families in a pretty crummy place."

Keller also asked Baker about a bill that recently passed the House that would allow undocumented immigrants to get their driver's license.

The governor said he would not commit to signing or vetoing the bill if it passes the Senate, because aspects of proposals can change before they arrive on his desk.

Baker said he believes an amendment proposed by Rep. Brad Jones should have been included. Jones' proposal would have given Town Clerks the resources to verify that a person's license also allows them to vote, not just drive, since both versions of the license would look similar.

"If you're really serious about separating this privilege to drive from this right to vote, that really should have been taken seriously. So that worries me a lot," Baker said.

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