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'I Just Needed To Do Something': Armed Man Stops Mass Pike Road Rage Incident

BOSTON (CBS) – The armed man who helped stop a road rage incident on the Mass Pike says he was afraid other people were in danger.

"I just needed to do something to stop the gentleman in the SUV," said Frank Hernandez.

Hernandez served in the Army for seven years. He says the incident on the Pike was worse than anything he saw in combat. He was heading home from work Friday afternoon when he saw 65-year-old Richard Kamrowski hanging onto the hood of a white SUV barreling 70 miles per hour west on the Mass Pike.

mass pike Road Rage
Richard Kamrowski ended up on the hood of Mark Fitzgerald's SUV during a road rage incident, Jan. 25, 2019. (WBZ-TV)

"Boxed the car in very close he cannot move forward anymore without hitting my car," Hernandez said.

Hernandez also has a license to carry. Cell phone video shows Hernandez order the driver of the SUV to get on the ground.

Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez orders driver out of SUV on Mass Pike (Image credit: Mrs. Schur)

"I didn't know if the guy was armed so that's why I drew my weapon," Hernandez said.

That driver is 37-year-old Mark Fitzgerald. Both he and Kamrowski answered charges from Friday's road rage incident Monday in Waltham District Court.

Kamrowski says the whole thing started as a minor car accident. His lawyer says he was just trying to get Fitzgerald's information before he was bumped up onto his hood.

Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez (WBZ-TV)

Fitzgerald claims Kamrowski is the aggressor. His lawyer says Kamrowski stole a water bottle from his client's car then smashed his windshield.

Fitzgerald's license is now revoked. Both men entered not guilty pleas.

"I'm very happy that both gentlemen are alive," Hernandez said.

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