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4 Sets Of Marlborough High Twins To Graduate Together This Year

MARLBOROUGH (CBS) -- It's the last day of school for seniors at Marlborough High School.

Within this year's class is a group of soon-to-be graduates who share a special connection: they're all twins. A total of four sets to be exact.

Marlborough High School Twins
Four sets of twins will be graduating from Marlborough High School this year. (WBZ-TV)

"There's not been another class with that amount of twins," Caleigh Sable said.

They all met when they were in kindergarten and since then they haven't left each other's side.

"It's kind of surprising that this many twins are in one class, especially in Marlborough," Michael Foley said.

Originally, there were seven sets of twins that were a part of this group, but three sets went on to different schools. In June, the Chamberlains, Foleys, Sables and the Descos will all be graduating together.

"I think it's cool because we all still know each other and even the people who left we are still good friends with them," says Kathleen Desco.

Many of the students shared the same classes together. Now, all will be going off to college.

The Descos will be attending Syracuse University together, while the rest are going off on their own.

"You can see the resemblance of Desco twins and me and Franklin have changed a lot," Foley said.

All of them are excited for the changes still to come.

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