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Woman Attacked Over Parking Spot At Danvers Market Basket

DANVERS (CBS) - It started over a handicap parking spot at the Market Basket in Danvers and ended with one of the women bleeding.

"I realize I was bleeding and I put my hand up on my head and there was just blood all over the place," 72-year-old Elaine Moore-Oullette said.

Moore-Oullette says her trip to Market Basket was a part of her Saturday to-do list and it was busy, so she waited for a spot.

"And this lady came booming around the corner and went right up to them," she explained.

That's when she says she tried to pull up to let 57-year-old Donna Rowe know she was there first.

Elaine Moore-Oullette
Elaine Moore-Oullette (WBZ-TV)

"And she gibbered and jabbered and took it. So I said I'm not gonna argue with her I'm gonna let her take it," Elaine Moore-Oullette said.

She says she went to go into the store but only made it through one set of doors before she was attacked.

"She said something and I turned around this way and she just went ... and hit me with something hard she bent my glasses the frame and everything," she explained.

She says Market Basket employees rushed to help her.

Getting her a chair, paper towels, even a bag of frozen peas.

She says Rowe, left. According to court documents, a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Rowe was arraigned Monday on assault and battery charges. Court documents detail she has 83 adult arraignments.

Irene Stevens, couldn't say she was surprised. "I come here every day and I've had more people take my parking spot but you have to ignore that or they are going to fight with you," she said.

While other shoppers were simply upset.

"It is very sad but people they get so stressed out and take it out in the wrong direction you gotta have patience and wait," Diane Chandler said.

"You would like to think this is a safe place to be and god it's like you're not safe anywhere," Ann Dwight explained.

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