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Manchester-By-The-Sea Police Officer Arrested For Domestic Assault

MANCHESTER (CBS) - Beverly police responded to a domestic abuse call Friday night involving a Manchester-By-The-Sea Police Sergeant.

John Swallow was found outside his house and was promptly arrested by police.

The victim claims that after an argument with Swallow, he engaged in a physical altercation while pointing a hand gun at both the victim and the family dog.

The victim asked swallow to leave, but he refused. The victim fled the house and went to the neighbor's for safety.

As the victim left, one gunshot was heard inside the home, which Swallow claims was an accidental shot as he went to put the weapon away.

After Swallow's arrest, police found 16 hand guns, 11 rifles, 8 shot guns, 2 BB guns, a large amount of ammunition and 4 samurai swords. All the weapons were seized, along with Swallow's firearms license.

Swallow is being charged with assault and batter, assault with a dangerous weapon, and several firearms related charges.

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