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Malden volunteers team up to provide free Thanksgiving meals

Malden volunteers team up to provide free Thanksgiving meals
Malden volunteers team up to provide free Thanksgiving meals 01:57

MALDEN – Volunteers in Malden gave thanks by giving back to the community and making sure everyone had a delicious meal on Thanksgiving.

Bread of Life volunteers held a Thanksgiving Day event at Malden High School Thursday with a mission to make sure that no one spent the holiday alone. Anyone in need on Thanksgiving could come to the school for a free community meal.

Volunteers spent much of Wednesday night carving turkeys and preparing side dishes while others dropped off donated items.

The city also coordinated for 1,000 meals to be delivered to seniors and people with disabilities.

"When you come from little to nothing, simple actions matter and it's our time to give back. And I believe that. I'm really inspired for it. Teachers and parents show us to be a better person and so might as well put it into action," volunteer Julia Gamitto said.

The sit down meal was held from 12 to 2 p.m., while to-go meals will be available after 1:30 p.m.

"It's awesome that so many people are here helping to make sure so many people get fed," volunteer Amanda Dugan said.

Gabriella Snyder Stelmack, executive director for Bread of Life, said for many people, having a sense of community is critical.

"Isolation is huge it's actually a huge health risk. We need each other. Who knows why, but we need to talk with people to have someone hear us," Stelmack said. "That's what's great about today is that everybody pitches in, it's a great day. You meet the best people in the community that want to give back, want to volunteer."

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson said he is thankful for the generous volunteer organizations in town.

"We're just following the lead of great organizations like Bread of Life and Mystic Valley Services. So when they called, we answered and we're just so grateful to have them in our city," Christenson said. 

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