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Mac Jones Has A Stern Message To Young Trick-Or-Treaters

BOSTON (CBS) -- Mac Jones and the Patriots will be taking on the Chargers out in Los Angeles while most young New Englanders are parading around their neighborhoods in search of candy. But the Patriots' rookie quarterback is doing his part to make sure nobody gets carried away while on the prowl for peanut butter cups on Sunday evening.

When asked about trick-or-treating, Jones made sure to let kids know that if they arrive at an unmanned porch and find a sign with instruction to take one, they better obey the rules.

"If you're supposed to take one, kids, only take one," Jones said. "Don't take more than one."

That's a worthy public service announcement from the 23-year-old, who's not that removed himself from hitting the streets in search of candy. Jones was also asked what his favorite candy was, and he showed wisdom beyond his years by avoiding any controversial takes on candies.

"Oh, gosh. That is the most loaded question I've ever got," Jones said with a laugh. "Honestly, I have no clue. I have too many favorites to, I mean, even go with. But like, just anything chocolate or like Starburst. Sweet. I do it all, and, I mean, it's whatever they have at the door, you know. You can't complain. You just got to take it."

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