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Mac Jones Has Funny Reaction To Madden Rating For Breaking Tackles

BOSTON (CBS) -- Mac Jones has a dynamite arm, one that could translate well in the pro game. His legs, however? Those aren't exactly known as a strength for the young QB.

So when the Patriots' rookie was asked to forecast what his Madden rating was for breaking tackles, he set some reasonably low expectations. Even those, though, were proven to be too high.

In a video shared on Twitter, Jones guessed that he was a 52 (out of 100) at breaking tackles. When the reveal showed that he's actually a 26, Jones couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Oh my God!" an incredulous Jones said. "No way. You're trolling me."

Jones then asked to nobody in particular: "How many tackles have I ever even broken before?"

Though Jones threw for 56 touchdowns and 6,126 yards in his collegiate career, he ran for just 42 yards and two touchdowns on 54 attempts.

"I gotta make sure they don't downplay me as a slow guy," Jones said in another part of the video.

Fortunately for him, his arm's been more than strong enough to make up for any shortcomings as a runner. And his guess for arm strength in Madden actually came in rather close to the video game's determination.

"Throw power? Oh Lordy. Eighty-seven?" Jones said, before seeing the actual rating of 85.

For his overall rating, Jones guessed that the Madden powers that be evaluated him at a 66. As it turns out, he undershot, as Madden has him rated as a 71 overall.

"OK, I'll take that," Jones said, before adding a little wisdom. "It's all right. It's not about where you start, it's where you finish."

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