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Mac Jones explains what Patriots offense needs to do to get better for stretch run

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Sports Final: Is there any chance the Patriots can sneak into the playoffs? 06:52

BOSTON -- More than anything -- more than scheme, more than play design, more than play-calling, more than game-planning -- Mac Jones believes the Patriots need to improve in one key area as they move on from a rough game against the Bills.


The second-year quarterback gave his weekly interview to WEEI on Monday, and as expected, the majority of the conversation focused on the state of the New England offense. With questions -- from within the locker and from outside the locker room -- about Matt Patricia and the offensive coaching staff, Jones steered the attention onto the players on the field.

"Yeah, I think we're all working together and working really hard, and that's all you can ask for. We have a plan each week, and we try to adjust that plan to make it the best we can. And as players, we just have to go out there and do it right, and do it as best we can. And we need to put a better showing on the field than what we put on the field in our last game. So that's really it," Jones said on WEEI. "It's all about hard work and doing the right things during the week, and then once you get to the game, I mean, the hay's in the barn, right? You just gotta go out there and play, and play fast, and play for each other. And beyond the X's and O's, it's more about a mentality. We definitely need to work on our mentality of, 'Hey, we're gonna go out there and all 11 of us are gonna do our job and see what happens.' And the result's gonna be a lot better."

That particular mentality was something that Jones touched on numerous times.

"I think at the end of the day we just have to continue to come together -- players, coaches, everybody involved -- and just continue to work. And that's all you can do. Can't really control the other stuff. What happened in the past has happened in the past. But we've gotta have the right mindset and attitude and positivity and things like that, which is really hard when you're not necessarily doing great right now," Jones said. "But that's what great leaders and great players and great teams do. They work through their adversity, and then next thing you know, all right, let's play this game and see what we can do. And we're playing a great football team on Monday."

With the Patriots offense ranking near the bottom of the league in most categories, Jones was asked how he and his teammates can ensure that any potential frustration doesn't get in the way of executing on the field going forward.

"I think we're all super competitive, and it shows that we care -- coaches, players, fans, everybody involved in this thing. We all care. So that's the number one thing, right? If you don't care then you don't have a chance. So that's the biggest thing is knowing that and then funneling it the right way to be super competitive, [thinking] all right how do we come together, how do we play for each other, all 11 on the same page," Jones said. "And then, like you're talking about, the results will change. It's a mentality, and it's something that we've talked about, but we just really need to harp on it as an offense. And honestly, we're not in a bad spot here, so we've just gotta go out there and compete, put more points on the board, execute better, and obviously win the game. Whatever we have to do to win, at this point, that's what we need to do. We understand that."

In case he hadn't made his point clear enough, Jones drove it home toward the end of the interview.

"At the end of the day, it goes back to the mentality of, 'All right, at some point, they're gonna know what we're doing, we're gonna know what they're doing, it's just, who can do it better?' And that's the challenge that you have to kind of accept. And sometimes it is a scheme game, and you know exactly what's going on and we have all this stuff schemed up. But a lot of times, we're just kind of gonna go out there and compete against another defense. We have to compete harder and longer. Sometimes we do that, and other times we don't," he said. "So it needs to be more consistent, and it starts with me, right? I'm the quarterback. And that's my job is to go out there and do my part and I'm one part of it, but I also have leadership over a lot of guys. So we're gonna work on, hey, collectively, let's have that mindset, let's go out there, 11 guys, let's compete, dominate, don't wait. All that stuff. So we're kind of all in on the same page when we get together here and make sure that we can do that."

Jones and the New England offense will get their next shot at working together on Monday night next week, when they visit the Cardinals. 

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