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Large Bird Smashes Through Windshield Of Car Driving Through Fairhaven

FAIRHAVEN (CBS) -- A couple driving on I-95 in Fairhaven was shocked when a large bird smashed through the windshield of their car, smacking the passenger in the front seat. The man was suffered minor injuries.

Tow driver Frank Hand responded to the car. "It was definitely an interesting call,  for sure," he said.

"The turkey went straight through this vehicle's windshield. A closer look and you can see the turkey's feather embedded in the glass. There was a passenger inside the car at a time, and you can only imagine it was a wild ride," Hand told WBZ-TV.

He recorded cell phone video as he prepared to tow the Chevy Traverse away. Shards of glass and feathers litter the interior.

A large bird smashed through the windshield of a car driving through Fairhaven (WBZ-TV)

The passenger needed to be rushed to the hospital with cuts to the head.

"Hitting him in the face and then the glass and stuff like that. Just the sheer weight of the turkey can cause some damage."

The bird ended up in the back seat, Hand said. Meanwhile, the driver was also shaken up.

"She was definitely stunned, visibly shaken. She had blood on her, whether it be from the turkey or her husband."

Judging by the condition of the car, Hand said the couple was lucky they were not more seriously injured.

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