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Kurt Warner Wants To See Patriots-Buccaneers Super Bowl: 'It's Not Just A Pipe Dream'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Kurt Warner knows a thing or two about stories fit for Hollywood. His own life story is headed to the big screen on Christmas Day, after all.

And the Hall of Fame quarterback has another dream scenario in mind for this year's Super Bowl, one that felt like a million-to-one shot in October but one that now has a real chance of actually happening: A New England Patriots-Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl.

Warner was asked to make his Super Bowl prediction on the podcast Pardon My Take. Though his head (and part of his heart) believes the Arizona Cardinals may end up in the Super Bowl, he can't resist the incredible story and spectacle of Tom Brady facing his former team and his former coach, Bill Belichick.

"With what I've seen right now, and because I think it would be a great story, let me go with Tampa Bay and New England. I just think it would be an unbelievable way to finish the season," Warner said. "Tom got his last year, and Bill has his chance with a young quarterback. And, you know, I think it's possible. With the way both teams are playing, I think it's definitely possible. It's not just a pipe dream, like, oh that would be a great story. I think it's got a possibility of happening."

Analytic models agree, with ESPN's FPI giving a Pats-Bucs Super Bowl a 10 percent change of actually happening:

Warner indicated that Mac Jones still has to prove he can win in the playoffs, which is no sure thing for any quarterback.

"Does Mac Jones have enough at the playoff time to get over the good teams two or three times? I'm not sure," Warner said. "But that, to me, would be a classic way to end this year."

Few would disagree with that.

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