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Kevin Garnett Says He Doesn't Want To Coach Boston Celtics

BOSTON (CBS) -- The general consensus around Boston is that the next head coach of the Boston Celtics should be a former player. Several intriguing candidates have been swirling around the rumor mill since Brad Stevens stepped into Danny Ainge's old role on Wednesday, but one former Celtics great is taking his name out of the running.

That would be Kevin Garnett, who made it clear on his Instagram story Wednesday night that he does not want anything to do with coaching.

"FREEEEEAAAKKINN NO.. AH HELL NAH!" Garnett wrote on social media. "I'd [be] hired n' fired all in the same week. Couldn't coach ish. I know my strengths. I'm [knowledgeable], passionate, and skilled. You need a great deal of patience to coach in any league."

Given his fiery demeanor with ... well with just about everything in life, it's easy to understand why Garnett doesn't think he has the patience to be a head coach. He made sure to give some love to all the coaches out there as he finished off his post.

"To all the coaches out there that put up with so [expletive] much!! But it's a no.. #stopasking," he signed off.

So there you have it. Garnett wants to remain a Celtics legend, and nothing more. Maybe some day he'll soften on this stance and join someone's coaching staff -- or perhaps even Boston's ownership group. But for now, he's happy as a Hall of Famer who led the Celtics to a title in 2008 and will have his No. 5 retired into the Garden rafters sometime next season -- and nothing more.

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