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Keller @ Large: Some Ridiculous Suggestions For Senate Race

BOSTON (CBS) - No, Tagg Romney isn't running for US Senate.

He has a house full of young kids, a thriving business, and a last name that isn't exactly political magic around here these days. Kerry Healey is also not running; it's kind of a tough call to leave husband and daughter behind for five months in Florida, where they now live.

Listen to Jon's commentary:


And no, Middlesex County D.A. Gerry Leone isn't running either. To do so just a few days after announcing he's leaving public life would make Leone look flighty, the opposite of what he is.

Political people float these names to the media, and the media then floats them by you, but none of that means any of them were ever seriously considering a run. In fact, I doubt Romney, Healey or Leone ever gave it more thought then you do when you're passing the lottery agent and see that the Mega Millions jackpot is way up there.

Then why do we play the name-dropping game?

The same reason sports fans talk trades. Garnett to Miami straight up for LeBron, and yes, Doug Flutie is mulling a run.

Actually, no, he isn't as far as I know, but this is all in fun, isn't it? So before the moment passes, let me engage in some ridiculous, completely made-up speculation of my own.

I just got off the phone with the wandering bear who swam the Cape Cod canal last summer, remember? He says he's been urged by other bears to consider leaving hibernation and enter the race, mainly because of his strong opposition to gun control.

"If I run," he told me, "I'll be talking a lot about the right to arm bears."

Also, breaking news, Andre the Seal of Rockport fame says he will not be a candidate. Politics, he says, is too slippery.

And now this, direct from the Public Garden, we've learned that Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, and Pack are not running. But Quack is still mulling his options:

"I hate to duck a challenge," he says.

I'd like to float more names, but I gotta run.

Lassie's flack is on the other line with a question about the residency requirement.

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