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Keith Carradine: "Tea Leoni Is The Best Of The Best"

Keith Carradine has had a storied career in Hollywood. The longtime actor and musician won an Oscar for his song "I'm Easy" from the 1976 movie Nashville worked alongside stars such as Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig and is going into his fourth season as President Conrad Dalton on the CBS hit political drama Madam Secretary. Carradine has been a part of many great TV shows and movies, but he says nothing compares to his experience on Madam Secretary

"Tea Leoni is the best of the best, she sets the tone for everyone," Carradine told CBS Local. "I'm so happy to come to work and do the work. The work gets done efficiently, but joyfully. We are presenting political people and public servants in a light that we would like to see things be."

Carradine's ties with CBS run deep, as he's also been a recurring character on The Big Bang Theory, where he plays Penny Hofstadter's father Wyatt. While the Oscar winner is not known his comedic background, the writers of the show have ensured that Carradine leaves the audience laughing.

"Big Bang Theory is one of the best formats imaginable for an actor." "I love to do comedy. It's not necessarily what I'm known for, but when you walk into that environment they are going to make you funny."

Carradine was always destined for the screen as both his father and his brother were in the business. While the co-star of 'Madam Secretary,' has a long list of credits, he knows winning an Oscar will always define him.

"It was an amazing moment, it was kind of an out of body experience to be told I had won and be handed that statue by Angie Dickinson and Burt Bacharach. Angie and I have remained friends ever since. It was extraordinary and unexpected."

Catch Keith as President Dalton in the Season 4 premiere of Madam Secretary Sunday, October 8th at 10pm eastern.

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