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Josh Beckett Suing Company For Destroying Ocelot Habitat On His Texas Ranch

BOSTON (CBS) -- What Josh Beckett does on his off days are his own private business ... until he publicizes it with a lawsuit.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the current Dodgers pitcher and former Red Sox ace is suing a pipeline company for destroying an ocelot habitat on his Texas ranch.

The ocelot is an endangered cat, and the report says there are believed to only be 50 living in the United States.

The lawsuit says that Beckett had seen ocelots on his property and that tracks from the animal had been spotted as well. When informed of ocelots living in the area where the pipeline company planned to survey, the company allegedly informed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that there was no ocelot habitat on Beckett's property.

"They started bulldozing for 10 days," environmental lawyer Jim Blackburn said in the report. "I think it is an arrogant move of a company that is relatively dismissing of federal law."

It's not the first time the word "arrogant" has popped up in a story about Beckett, but this is certainly in a way that few could have ever expected.

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