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Jeremy Lin Was "Hardest Working" Player At Harvard

BOSTON (CBS) - It took years of hard work to become an overnight sensation. Now Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is taking the professional basketball world by storm.

Two NBA teams cut the 23-year-old but now, 'Linsanity' is taking over the NBA mainly because he's lighting up every court he plays on.

But why are we, Celtics nation even uttering the name of some guy on the our rival team?

Turns out Lin is a product of Harvard University. "He was the hardest working guy we had even when he was the best player we had here," says former teammate Oliver McNally.

But until the other day no one seemed to notice how good he was. An undrafted, free agent last year the Knicks picked him up to just keep the bench warm. Then they let him play and he blew up both on the court with 109 points in his first four starts and everywhere else.

His number 17 jersey is the top seller online, Knicks gear is flying out of stores, Madison Square Garden's stock is even up.

"It's a lot right now but I think I'm getting used to it a little more and obviously spending as much time with my family and them giving me advice and keeping me grounded," says Lin when asked about all the craze surrounding his meteoric rise.

Still McNally says even with Lin's new found success he's pretty sure he will never forget where he originally came from, "He's an extremely humble down to earth guy, this type of success couldn't have happened to a better person."

For Lin is all something he's still getting used to, "I'm just trying to soak it all in right now."

The NBA has named Lin one of its players of the week.

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