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Jasiel Correia, Convicted Ex-Fall River Mayor, Reports To Prison

BERLIN, N.H. (CBS) -- Former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia reported to prison Friday in Berlin, New Hampshire, after seven delays.

FCI Berlin told WBZ-TV that Correia has "entered the custody of the Bureau of Prisons."

Correia, who is set to serve six years in prison, lost a motion Wednesday for continued release pending an appeal hearing.

Correia was convicted last September of 21 counts of defrauding investors in a smartphone app he was developing and for extorting money from marijuana companies seeking to do business in Fall River. A judge later dismissed 10 fraud and tax evasion charges.

People in Fall River have mixed feelings about Correia having to turn himself in.

"He was a good mayor. He was the best mayor we had. He made money for the city," said Fall River resident Tony Amaral.

"I think it's a travesty of justice. It's like he's thumbing his nose at the system once again just like he abused the power he had while he was in office," said Fall River resident Eric Xavier. "The fact they have let him roam free for so long suggests to other people that this was just no big deal."

He was supposed to report to prison on December 3 but asked a judge to allow him to remain free so he could help with his family's restaurant during the holidays. That appeal was accepted.

Correia was first elected as mayor at 23 years old and was seen as a rising political star until his arrest.

Now, Fall River Mayor Paul Coogan said the city is ready to put the scandal behind it.

"This has been a long-sorted tale in Fall River, and we have had enough of it. Let's hope it settles down after today," Coogan said. "We are way past that. We have moved on. We are doing things the way we are supposed to be doing them. We are not getting involved in any of these shenanigans."


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