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Bullet, Swastika Flyer Found At Condon School In South Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- An investigation is underway after a bullet and swastikas were found in a South Boston school. Boston City Council members Ed Flynn and Michael Flaherty released a joint statement about the incidents Saturday.

According to the statement, City Council was notified on Friday that a live round .45 caliber bullet had been found in a Condon Community School bathroom.

"We subsequently requested that BPD conduct a sweep of the school building and grounds after we learned the principal did not authorize one earlier for the safety of everyone in the building," the City Councilors said.

A police report says a student found the bullet in a toilet in the boys bathroom.

During further discussions, they learned a piece of paper with swastikas was also found at the school earlier this week. "This literature is potentially relevant to the lives, careers, and reputations of several Boston residents and employees," said the statement.

"This disturbing discovery and lack of action underscore the principal's failure to ensure public safety yesterday."

As a result of the findings, Flynn and Flaherty requested an investigation into the incidents.

"When school leadership fails to take potential incidents of violence and hate seriously, it creates an environment that is indifferent to violence and inappropriate behavior. All of our children deserve to be in a safe, stable, and welcoming learning environment at our Boston Public Schools."

The Boston Public Schools District called the statements from the city councilors "inflammatory" in a statement to WBZ-TV:

"The safety of our students and staff is always our top priority at BPS. Contrary to inflammatory statements from public officials, within minutes of both incidents school leadership immediately reported these incidents, and BPS safety services and Boston Police were on site to ensure the appropriate steps were taken and there was no immediate threat to the school. BPS and the Condon School leadership and staff are cooperating fully with the appropriate authorities to investigate these troubling incidents to prevent them from occurring in the future."

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