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I-Team's Call 4 Action Helps Couple With Failed Remodeling Job

BOSTON (CBS) -- After more than 30 years living in the same home, a Southboro couple decided to take on a big kitchen remodel.  It didn't turn out exactly as they had planned and that's when they reached out to I-Team's Call 4 Action.

"My wife's dream kitchen has been somewhat destroyed because of this situation," explain John Pomfred.

"If somebody sells me cabinets I want them to look like they did in the store," said his wife, Sue.

"Here's the white line we are referring to," John said as he traced his finger up the edge of a cabinet door.

That white line, is actually a stripe of unstained wood that is revealed -- or concealed -- as the wood expands and contracts.

Cabinet with white line showing (WBZ-TV)

"Then we realized there's a problem all over the kitchen. Somedays they would be extremely wide, the white lines, and somedays they would be hardly noticeable," John told WBZ-TV.

For two-and-a-half years, John and Sue have been working with Lowe's and the manufacturer, Diamond Masterbrand, to fix the issue with their $16,000 cabinets.   Replacement doors were ordered twice but the new doors had the same problem. Touch-ups didn't seem to work either.

"We are at our wits' end and we are frustrated beyond belief.  That's when I called the I-Team," explained John.

When the I-Team's Call 4 Action got involved, Masterbrand agreed to a third attempt to replace the defective doors.

Kitchen remodel
Kitchen remodel (WBZ-TV)

They were approved by John and Sue and they were just installed.  In a statement Masterbrand says, "Our team worked over the past year to remedy this situation... we want our customers to love their new cabinets, and we take their satisfaction seriously. "

John and Sue tell us they haven't seen any unstained wood on the new doors but the company has agreed to return if any new problems pop up.

"When I originally called Call 4 Action, we got action," said John.

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