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I-Team: Revere Officer Sleeping On The Job

REVERE (CBS) -- This seaside community with an urban backdrop depends on its police force to keep a watchful eye on its streets, particularly at night.

But while some officers are out patrolling through the night, the I-Team found a supervising officer, Sgt. Jeffery Longone, routinely hiding out at his parents home during his graveyard shift.

Beginning in March, the I-Team observed Langone's cruiser sitting idle several times for hours during the middle of his shifts while he was inside his parent's home. All the while, he was on the clock, paid by the city of Revere.

Update: Langone Suspended, Demoted

Two weeks ago, the I-Team caught up with Langone as he was leaving his parents' house just as his shift was ending. Once he spotted the I-Team, he went back inside, without saying a word. About a half-hour later, he slipped out the side door, rushed into his cruiser and drove away.

With no answer to the I-Team's questions about Langone's work habits, the I-Team went to his boss, Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli. "There is no excuse that I could give you that would justify that behavior," he said of Langone.

This is not an isolated incident.

Back in 2011, another Revere officer was suspended after the I-Team found him spending much of his shift at home. When he was sworn in as chief this year, Cafarelli promised to make changes.

"To think that we need to go through this again -- we didn't learn the lesson from the first time around," the police chief said.

Cafarelli has already made changes following the I-Team investigation. He's installing GPS units in all of the Police Department's cruisers and doing mileage checks for every shift. And Langone now faces an internal investigation.


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