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Hey Feds....The Whitey Suck-Up Has Gotta Stop !!

     Alright so you finally caught him.   Took sixteen years to do it, even with Whitey hiding in plain sight.....but you got him....good for you.....and now it's time to start treating this piece of crap for what he really is.

     Yes, he shared top billing on the Feds "Top ten" list with Osama bin Laden for a while, but trust me, Whitey is no UBL.....and shouldn't be treated like he was an international terrorist, wanted by almost everybody.    He's a South Boston thug, he"s an accused killer, he's a bully.....has been since the day this creep was born, he'd like everyone to think he was a Cosa Nostra Godfather......he isn't and never was.   Organized crime, i.e. Anguilo,Patriarca, Gambino....whatever.....was just that...."organized."     Whitey was none of that and he couldn't carry those figures' jock strap.   Whitey was unorganized I said.....a South Boston thug.... and to treat him now like he the head of the Taliban is just wrong....and the taxpayers hate it.    That police escort to the courthouse;   Holy crap, more security that Barack Obama gets when he's in town.   The Coast Guard helicopter ride from prison to the courthouse......what a joke.   Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars already up in smoke and now you tell us....the taxpayers have to pay for his defense attorney(s) as well.     Just short of a million dollars....IN CASH,  found in Whitey's apartment and you tell us he's indigent.  

     Gotta transport Whitey back and forth to court for the next couple of years?  Fine, throw his butt into the back of a police wagon and let him sit in traffic with the rest of the folks who are footing the bill.   Enough with the Leer Jets, the C.G. Helicopter rides and the big black SUV escort vehicles.   Come on......who do you think he is.....Senator John Kerry?

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