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Heavy Police Presence At Comcast Center After Arrests, Overdoses

MANSFIELD (CBS) - The heavy metal Mayhem Festival lived up to its billing Friday night. But concert-goers definitely felt the heavy police presence.

It has been a rough few weeks at Mansfield's Comcast Center.

First, a Rhode Island girl was badly beaten at June's Jam'n 94.5 Summerjam concert.

Last week, two young men overdosed on a deadly mix of drugs and booze at a rave-type show. At that same show, dozens of other patrons ended up hospitalized with drug and alcohol-related problems, and dozens more were arrested.

Then just this Wednesday at a hip-hop concert, police arrested 35 people and placed 60 more into protective custody.

The vice chairman of Mansfield's Board of Selectmen wants big changes here. George Denton is in favor of random searches, drug sniffing dogs, and limiting access to the vast parking lot where much of the underage drinking happens.

"We have got to send a message to people who attend the concerts here that we're tough," Denton explains.

Mansfield police and fire officials confirm that there were a number of arrests and patrons taken to the hospital Friday night, but they have not released any details.

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