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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, Part 1

BOSTON (CBS) - A new year, a clean slate!

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, Part 1

New Year's resolutions usually involve two things, health and wealth! We want to be healthy so we can live longer and we want to be wealthy so as we live longer we can live better.

The wisdom comes from realizing your goals and figuring out what is really important to you.

Both time and money are required to stay healthy. Most individuals are born healthy, but we pick up bad habits as we go through life. Being a couch potato is a learned habit. More and more studies are finding that many diseases result from a sedentary life style. So get off your duff and exercise more. I know that was on your list.

So where do you exercise in the winter? The cheapest form of exercise and still one of the best is to take a walk. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes and maybe walking clothes. But if you are anything like me and the alarm goes off at 6 am and you find the temperature is hovering at 15 degrees you crawl back under the warm covers and your brain says, "That's smart".

Find a buddy to walk with and head to the mall. The local high school track is a good place if you don't mind being outdoors.

How about a gym membership? Look for a month-to-month membership or a three-month trial membership. Some health insurance companies will now pay for up to 3 months of a gym membership for some of their members.

Does your company have a gym? Do they have privileges at a local gym? How about the Y? How about a treadmill? A recumbent bike?

Exercise equipment usually goes on sale about now because retailers know we have been making New Year's resolutions. There is lots of exercise equipment for sale on Craigslist as well.

Check out the classes at the local high school and see if they offer a Yoga or Zumba class.

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