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Video shows hammerhead shark feeding right off Nantucket beach

Hammerhead shark spotted off Nantucket Beach
Hammerhead shark spotted off Nantucket Beach 00:43

NANTUCKET - It was a surprising sight for beachgoers on Nantucket.

A hammerhead shark was spotted just feet offshore at Ladies Beach on Sunday.

Video showed the shark feasting on a fish, causing a bloody scene. 

Great whites and other ocean predators are a common sight off the Massachusetts coast. . . but hammerheads are typically found in warmer waters. 

According to the International Shark Attack Files kept by the Florida Museum of Natural History, hammerheads are responsible for only 16 reported unprovoked shark attacks, compared to 354 for great whites. 

The Nantucket Current reported that there were at least 20 shark sightings at Nantucket beaches over the weekend. 

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