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Gresh & Zo On The Curious Case Of Brandon Spikes

BOSTON (CBS) - Something strange is going on between the Patriots and Brandon Spikes, so Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak try to get to the bottom of it.

Spikes had been battling a knee injury for more than two months, and The Boston Globe's Shalise Manza Young reported in late December that the injury would require surgery once the season ended.

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Spikes then aggravated the injury in the regular-season finale against the Bills.  The 26-year-old finished third on the team in tackles with 134, according to the Patriots.

Then, the former Florida standout was placed on season-ending injured reserve leading up to the Colts game, joining fellow linebacker Jerod Mayo, tight end Rob Gronkowski, defensive lineman Vince Wilfork and tackle Sebastian Vollmer as the fifth key Patriot to land on IR.

However, an ESPN report claims it was because Spikes missed practice during the bye week.

His truancy, plus the hobbled knee, led to the decision - which was NOT mutual according to Spikes' agent.

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There's plenty of information (and misinformation) to sort through, so Gresh & Zo attempted to do just that Tuesday afternoon.

"This doesn't make sense. It just doesn't add up. I understand Gary Uberstine [Spikes' agent] has to spin it as, 'My client is healthy, he's going to hit this free agent market free and running' - he will be one of the more coveted linebackers that's out there, so you have to put the impression out there that he wanted to play," said Scott Zolak.

Andy Gresh thinks it's a combination of both: Spikes was injured AND causing commotion in the locker room.

"He was plenty hurt enough where if you weren't going to use him then put him on IR and get him off the field. I do think something did go down on that Friday, however his play warranted him being put on IR."

"I do know this: Now that this agent is talking, Brandon Spikes is a former New England Patriot," Gresh concluded.

Listen below:

Curious Case Of Brandon Spikes


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