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Halloween Google Doodle Lets You Click For A Trick Or Treat

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (CBS) -- It's trick-or-treating – Google style. Thursday's Halloween-themed Doodle is the perfect spooky diversion at work, and you might even learn something.

The doodle can be found on Google's homepage. Clicking on the logo brings up an animation of a Halloween neighborhood.

Open any one of the six doors reveals either a wolf, tarantula, octopus, vampire bat, jaguar or owl. Pick "trick" and the animal might do something creepy like turn into a vampire – or jam out on a piano keyboard.

But select "treat" and you'll get a fun fact about the animal. Did you know jaguars love to swim?

Google says users can support animals like the ones featured in the Halloween Doodle by donating to the World Wide Fund For Nature.

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