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Former Sen. Scott Brown: Voter Fraud In New Hampshire 'No Secret'

BOSTON (CBS) -- After President-elect Donald Trump alleged voter fraud in states including New Hampshire over the weekend, former Senator Scott Brown told Boston Herald Radio New Hampshire voter fraud is "no secret."

The Boston Herald reports Brown said voter fraud is prevalent in New Hampshire because of the large student population.

"People from Massachusetts could have gone up and voted that day and quite frankly some do," Brown said on Boston Herald Radio's "Morning Meeting." "It's well known, it's no secret."

He said student voter fraud is so common it makes New Hampshire a blue state.

"So if kids are going to vote they need to have a license in New Hampshire," Brown continued. "They need to pay taxes, they need to do a whole host of things, apply for financial aid and residency, so they can take advantage — or not take advantage — of residency requirements of colleges and universities in New Hampshire. Then we'll figure out if New Hampshire is really a red or blue state.  I believe it is a red state."

He told Boston Herald Radio students go to vote unregistered and "claim domicile," meaning the students have lived there before and intend to continue living there, which allows them to vote.

Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire by more than 2,732 votes.

On Nov. 27, Trump alleged "serious voter fraud" in New Hampshire, Virginia and California in a tweet.

Assistant Attorney General Brian Bounanano, who works in the AG's election unit, denied Trump's allegations.

"There's no evidence of widespread voter fraud," Bounanano said. "Specifically of people voting in the wrong place."


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