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Felger & Mazz Video: Is Rondo-Love-Melo A Winning Trio For Celtics?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Kevin Love is the hot rumor surrounding the Boston Celtics this summer, but he would just be one of the many pieces the team needs to get back up to being championship contenders.

Rajon Rondo spoke about his faith in Celtics president Danny Ainge's ability to rebuild the franchise on Monday, and dropped Carmelo Anthony's name in the process.

Can you imagine Rondo, Love and Melo on the Celtics? Would that trio be enough to lead the team back to NBA relevancy and possibly even another title? Felger and Mazz debated that on Tuesday, with some mixed opinions.

"If Carmelo Anthony is involved in any way shape or form, I'm out," Mazz said emphatically. "I want nothing to do with that guy. Zero. Zip. Nada. Melo in? Tony Mazz out!

"The guy is a loser. Everywhere he goes, they lose. That's not a coincidence, that's who he is," said Mazz. "If he is part of that nucleus, I am out."

"It would be awesome if it happened. They would score a lot of points," said Marc Betrand. "If it's either-or, I want Love. There is that element of Melo losing wherever he goes, and that's not a coincidence."

"He's supposed to be THE guy," Mazz said of Melo. "He should be Top 3 or Top 5... but it will never blossom. He's a chronic under-achiever. The big thing to me is he's, for lack of a better word, selfish. He has never figured out how to make the guys around him better, because it's never about them."

Executive producer James Stewart has a different opinion of adding Melo, saying that putting him with Rondo and Love would make the Celtics a threat in the NBA.

"What did we think of Ray Allen before he became a Celtic? If you look at series records, he wasn't necessarily a winner either. His playoff series record was 3-4, total record was 18-19. Not exactly a winning player," said Stewart. "What did we think of Kevin Garnett when he came to Boston? Series record 2-8 in playoff series, 7-30 overall. What was Paul Pierce before Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett got here? Series record 3-4, overall 16-21.

"[Carmelo Anthony] is a player who I believe if you put the right cast around him, and I think that is Rondo and Kevin Love, can turn into the more recent Big Three," said Stewart. "I think this is a winning combination, and being the Celtics, this is the type of gamble you have to make."

What do you think? Would a Rondo-Love-Anthony led Celtics team have what it takes to win an NBA Title? Let us know in the comments section!



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