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Felger & Mazz NFL Draft Big Board: Tight End

BOSTON (CBS) -- How often do mock drafts get it right?

The scientific process of guessing who NFL teams will select when the draft rolls around is a great way to generate a ton of content for readers to pore over every year, but it very rarely hits with actual selections come draft weekend.

Sick of the mock draft process, Felger & Mazz came up with their own way of figuring out who Bill Belichick and company will pick: By throwing markers at a draft magazine.

Mock it all you want, but the practice yields results. Since they started the Felger & Mazz Big Board, the show has successfully "predicted" Patriots draft picks Jake Bequette, Aaron Dobson, Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Flowers, Cyrus Jones and Jacoby Brissett.

That's six correct picks in five years. Eat your heart out, Mel Kiper Jr.!

So with the NFL Draft set for Thursday, it's time for Mazz, Jim Murray and Billy Lanni to rear back and chuck a marker at a draft magazine (or Michael Felger, which is an added bonus of the process).

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You can watch all the action in the video above, and here are the tight ends the Felger & Mazz crew hit on Monday:

Jim Murray
Jake Butt, Michigan

Tony Massarotti
Eric Saubert, Drake

Billy Lanni
Blake Jarwin, Oklahoma State

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