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Felger & Mazz: April 10, 2013

Felger and Massarotti are broadcasting live from the Ace Ticket Studio near Fenway Park and opened the day talking about the New England Patriots. Today the Pats signed Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to an offer sheet. The Steelers have five days to match the Pats offer. How come the Pats only offered Sanders a one-year deal? Also, the Pats resigned wide receiver Julien Edelman. Felger and Mazz also talked a little Boston Celtics. If the playoffs started today, the Celtics would be a 7-seed and playing the New York Knicks. How important is it for the C's to stay a 7-seed?

Hour 1

In Hour 2, Felger and Mazz discussed the start of The Masters, which begins tomorrow. What has changed in golf over the last 25 years? Is modern-day golf hurting the sport? The NFL Draft is in two weeks and the Patriots have the 29th pick. Have the Pats done enough to improve this team in the off-season? Do the Celtics want to face the Knicks in the first-round? Finally, Mazz goes off on UConn Women's Basketball Head Coach Geno Auriemma. Mazz thinks he's the "Most Self-Important D-Bag Ever."

Hour 2

During Hour 3, Felger and Massarotti talked about the Boston Red Sox and shortstop debate. Tonight Stephen Drew will make his Red Sox debut and Jose Iglesias was sent down to Pawtucket. Is Stephen Drew really an "elite" shortstop? Finally, the Red Sox organization admits that the sellout streak will come to an end tonight. The sellout streak ends at 794 games. What is so bad about the streak coming to an end?

Hour 3

In the fourth and final hour of Felger and Massarotti, the guys took calls on topics that were covered today including, the Red Sox shortstop debate, the end of the Sox sellout streak, the Pats offer sheet on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, and Tiger Woods. Tonight, all 3 Boston teams are playing. The Orioles are playing the Sox at Fenway, the Celtics are hosting the Brooklyn Nets, and the Bruins are playing the Devils in New Jersey. What is the most important game tonight? Finally, it's The Final Word with Marc Bertrand.

Hour 4

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