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Fast Food Is Worse For You Than It Was 30 Years Ago

BOSTON (CBS) - You may see healthier options on fast food menus these days, but according to researchers at Boston University and Tufts University, fast food, in general, is worse for you than it was 30 years ago.

They looked at 10 popular fast food joints like McDonald's, KFC and Dairy Queen and found that the entrees, the sides and the desserts have many more calories and sodium than back in the 1980s and the portion sizes have grown significantly. While the variety has sky-rocketed, newer items tend to be less nutritious than the classics. They found that an entree plus side is an average of 770 calories - even without a sugary beverage.

Researchers say posting calorie counts on menus helps consumers make better choices, but they would like restaurants to offer smaller portions at proportionate prices.

About 37 percent of American adults consume fast food on any given day.

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