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See Her Run: Elizabeth Warren Sprints 'Like Usain Bolt' To Catch Train

NEW YORK (CBS) – You probably know Elizabeth Warren is running for president in 2020, but have you seen her sprint?

The senator from Massachusetts was caught on video running at full speed into New York's Penn Station Monday afternoon.

"Sorry, I'm running for a train!" the White House hopeful explains.

Cameraman Adam Glyn tries to keep up as Warren dashes down the stairs and into the station, before realizing she does in fact have time for an interview.

Warren hardly seems out of breath as she argues that special counsel Robert Mueller's report "should be made public," while noting she doesn't get asked about Russia that much on the campaign trail.

Many on Twitter seemed to be impressed by the 69-year-old's speed.

While another noted that it's just what Boston-area commuters do every day.

A recent Suffolk University poll showed that 32 percent of Democrats and Independents are excited about Warren's candidacy, while 29 percent think she should drop out.


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