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Ed Davis: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 'Deserves Only One Punishment'

BOSTON (CBS) – As far as former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis is concerned, there is no doubt what penalty convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserves.

A jury came back with guilty verdicts on all 30 charges Wednesday afternoon in the death penalty trial of Tsarnaev.

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As a result, the trial will head to the second phase where jurors will determine if Tsarnaev will receive life in prison or the death penalty.

Davis, a WBZ-TV Security Analyst who was Boston Police Commissioner during the 2013 bombings, said he respects the opinion of anyone who does not believe in the death penalty, but strongly believes Tsarnaev should be executed.

"This kid picked up a bag, he put it down behind those two children and he blew them up with extreme atrocity," said Davis. "And as far as I'm concerned that only deserves one punishment."

Davis said that at 19 years old, Tsarnaev is fully capable of making his own decisions.

"I certainly understand that there are people that are very sympathetic and just deplore the death penalty. I understand the reasoning. I would never argue with anyone who argued against the death penalty," said Davis.

"But I'm not looking at the suspect in these cases. I'm looking at the victims. Those are the people I really care about."

Davis added that it was an emotional day for himself and also for the survivors.

"No surprises, but it does send a chill down your back when you realize that he has been found culpable and guilty for causing the death and destruction of so many people here. I'm glad it's over quite frankly," said Davis.

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