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East Boston shop owner Nick Moulaison helps neighbors protect packages from porch pirates

East Boston business owner offers to protect packages from porch pirates
East Boston business owner offers to protect packages from porch pirates 02:03

EAST BOSTON - Believe it or not the season of giving is around the corner which means presents, packages, and porch pirates will all be here soon enough. One East Boston native is stepping up to protect packages for his neighbors.

Just months before Christmas and all through the town not a worry in sight when Big Nick is around. 

"I grew up in this neighborhood," said Nick Moulaison. 

Carmella's on Cottage Street's owner is renown. His name's Nick Moulaison a native to town. 

"I know what everyone eats every day, how their coffee is, what their sandwiches are, they get the same thing every day," says Moulaison. 

What you might not expect from the East Boston staple is everyone's welcome at his Christmas table. 

Carmella's Market
Carmella's Market in East Boston CBS Boston

"Christmastime it's all about family and friends and if I know someone who doesn't have a place to go on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day I invite them over," says Moulaison. 

But porch pirates lurk to make Christmas less merry. Moulaison has seen them... and watched what they carry. 

"I do get frustrated because the people who are ordering those packages are hardworking people that are buying stuff for their family," said Moulaison. "I've watched people getting their packages stolen. Porch pirates we want to call them. Most of those people that are ordering packages are ordering Christmas gifts for kids or they are ordering something that they need for a birthday party, or a wedding or something they need it that day and it gets stolen."

So, this year he's offering more than just feasting. He's letting folks ship gifts he'll hold for safe keeping. 

Nick Moulaison
Nick Moulaison, owner of Carmella's Market in East Boston CBS Boston

"I'm here 12-13 hours a day," Moulaison said. "Have people have their packages delivered here. I can hold it for them."

Which pleases the neighbors no end so I'm told, to know that their gifts won't be left in the cold. 

"Nick's an awesome guy. He's always very approachable. It's unfortunate that these events happen but it's good that we have people like Nick who are willing to open their business," said East Boston neighbor Kevin Rosado. 

Nick does have rules. The day your present is dropped off is the day he'll want you to pick it up.  

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