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Police Investigate Vandalism, Graffiti At East Boston Church

BOSTON (CBS) - The Boston Police Civil Rights Unit has launched an investigation after a woman allegedly threw a large piece of cement through a stained glass window at Sacred Heart Church in East Boston and defaced the doors with graffiti.

"It's precious to the Church, the stained glass is the Sacred Heart of Jesus," said pastor Rev. Guy Scaccia.

Late Monday night Boston police say the unidentified woman broke the bottom half of the now boarded window scattering the shards of glass below. The vandal then defaced the church doors with scribbling that makes reference to a far right conspiracy including QAnon, which refers to a secret plot against President Trump.

East Boston church
A woman threw a piece of cement through a church window in East Boston (WBZ-TV)

"I think it's definitely weird, but in these times there's a lot of stuff going on," said neighbor Edwin Batista. "It's some crazy nut putting stuff out there to get a reaction."

It has gotten a reaction, one of shock and sadness among parishioners trying to make a connection between the graffiti and the broken window, which depicts an image of Jesus, his hand in a blessing position.

"It's the Church, the house of God. I don't know why this violence," said neighbor Elsa Rojas.

Church graffiti
Graffiti on East Boston church (WBZ-TV)

There were witnesses to the crime. A passerby stopped at a nearby intersection on Paris Street and saw the woman but it was too late.

"They noticed her holding an object, she just threw it through the window and they kept yelling at her to stop," said Fr. Scaccia.

While the graffiti has been cleaned it could be months and thousands of dollars before the window is repaired.

"All you can do is pray for the woman that she finds peace and somehow gets the help she needs," said Fr. Scaccia.

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