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Drug Suspect Found Not Guilty, Former Chemist Not To Blame

BOSTON (CBS) - A man who once served 14 years in prison after a wrongful murder conviction has been found not guilty of drug possession.

Shawn Drumgold was expected to be released from jail after a Roxbury District Court judge ruled in his favor on Friday.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, the verdict in the case, which was expected to be tied to the drug lab scandal involving former State Drug Lab chemist Annie Dookhan, came down to how prosecutors defined drug possession.

"Dookhan was neither the primary nor the confirmatory chemist on the case and her role in the Drumgold matter was to sign the drug certificates as a notary public. Those certificates plainly show that two other chemists -- who are not under any suspicion -- performed the testing," the DA's office said in a statement.

Drumgold was arrested in January, 2011 after police found a large quantity of drugs in a home where he and several other people were at the time.

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