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Driver Flees After Crashing Into Baby's Room In Raynham

RAYNHAM (CBS) - A Raynham couple says it sounded like a bomb went off. On Saturday, a car crashed into their home and came within feet of their baby's crib.

Nothing surprised them more than what happened next. That driver threw the car in reverse and sped off.

"To have somebody do this much damage not knowing there was a baby or anyone in the room that could have gotten killed and just take off without a care in the world," says Brian Reis the homeowner.

WBZ-TV's Diana Perez reports

The car was gone before the family could even react.  It was around midnight on Saturday when the car slammed into Brian and Christina Reis' home. It tore down two closets and narrowly missed 13-month-old Izabella's crib.

Luckily everyone is OK.

That driver and her passenger though, never thought to stick around. She backed up and took off abandoning the car down the road.

"Half of my house was down the street because it flew off as she drove down the street," explains Brian.

The damage she left is extensive. A pipe burst and gushed water for hours, ruining the floors. Two walls were demolished and clothing including Christina's wedding dress and pictures were destroyed.

In all, Brian estimates it will cost them anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 to repair the house they spent years remodeling.

But there are deeper effects for this young family. According to Christina, "We try to lie down, fall asleep. I can hear it I can hear the tires and I can hear the loud bang."

Police told the family that the passenger turned himself in. The driver however just hired a lawyer. Still, officers say they plan on issuing a warrant for her arrest by the end of the week if she doesn't come forward.


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