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Brookline's Dream Spa Medical Given Approval To Administer COVID Vaccines

BROOKLINE (CBS) - A Med Spa isn't exactly the first place you'd think to get a shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

But the state is paving the way for Dream Spa Medical in Brookline to give out the shots.

"I thought to myself, why not use that platform to help the community give out some COVID shots and help stop the spread," said Diana Brouillard, Owner of Dream Spa Medical.

The Medical Spa owner is adding the COVID-19 vaccine as a new service to her establishment.

"We're really excited about it. Injections is something that we do every single day. We inject Botox and filler, and those are very precise injections, so we feel that we are adequately trained and prepared to administer the COVID vaccine," said Brouillard.

She signed up for a program allowing healthcare provides to give out the shots. Dream Spa was just approved, and Brouillard says she's just waiting on the State Department of Public Health to roll out the doses.

By they can't come soon enough.

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey says the vaccine rollout has been too slow. Right now, only those in nursing homes, health care workers and first responders can get vaccinated.

"We had Operation Warp Speed to develop the vaccine, but it's been Operation Snail Speed getting it into the arms of Americans," said Sen. Ed Markey. "Joe Biden is making it very clear that he's going to putting 100 million vaccines into 100 million arms over the first 100 days of his administration."

For Brouillard, she's just glad to do her part.

"It helps to know I can do something to end this pandemic," she said.

Other vaccination sites have popped up, like Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Officials are also eyeing making polling locations a place to get your shots.

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