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Dog Sitter Accused Of Neglecting Quincy Man's Pet, Stealing Money

QUINCY (CBS) – A dog sitter is accused of neglecting a Quincy man's pet so badly that he lost ten pounds and developed multiple infections. The woman is also accused of stealing money and gift cards from the man.

"There was a bruise here," Joe Hingston said pointing to his dog's injuries. "There's a bruise here and this is paint."

Joe Hingston has never known Sullivan to be skittish until he went on a week-long vacation to Mexico and returned in horror.

Sullivan was allegedly abused by a dogsitter (WBZ-TV)

"This is all consistent with being dropped on and left to sit in your own urine," Hingston said of Sullivan's injuries.

Before traveling to Mexico, Hingston sought out DogVacay and hired a sitter worried Sullivan was too old for the kennel. He met the contracted host ahead of time but had an uneasy feeling just a few days into his trip.

"It wasn't until that phone call Friday night saying he's screaming in pain and howling that I did everything I could to get home sooner," Hingston said.

When the Brookline firefighter did return, he had been cleaned out of thousands in savings. That didn't matter.

"Evil is the only thing I can think of," Hingston said.

Sullivan has an ear infection, a kidney infection and a puncture wound to his spine. Veterinarians believe he was dropped or kicked.

DogVacay has since fired its host, and in a statement said, "This is a deeply heartbreaking event as we think of our dogs as our own family."

The dog sitter didn't answer her door in Lynn, but Quincy Police have issued a summons.

"You stole my money," Hingston said. "That doesn't mean you have to hurt him."

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