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Demand For Patriots Tickets On Secondary Market Goes Way Down

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots are starting a new era in 2020, one without Tom Brady leading the way. Add in the uncertainty surrounding the NFL amid the coronavirus pandemic, and it shouldn't be too surprising that the demand to go see a game at Gillette Stadium has decreased greatly this offseason.

According to TicketIQ, the prices for Patriots games on the secondary market have declined by 39 percent ahead of the 2020 season. That is the sharpest decrease in the NFL.

The demand for tickets is also down 13 percent. This doesn't mean that people don't want to go see the Patriots, but it's likely that opposing fans don't see a game in Foxboro as a big destination anymore (if they ever did).

And it also doesn't mean it won't cost you much to go see the dawning of the age of Jarrett Stidham in New England. The average Patriots ticket price still comes in at $433, which ranks 12th in the league. The rest of the NFL comes in at $391, which is up 51 percent from 2019.

The Raiders, who are kicking off their first season in Las Vegas after moving from Oakland, had the highest increase at 537 percent. The average ticket price on the secondary market to see the new Vegas team comes in at $1,098.

Tampa Bay has also seen a big jump in their average ticket prices, climbing 135 percent on the secondary market. People really want to see Brady and Rob Gronkowski do their thing for the Buccaneers.

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