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David Ortiz Living Dream As His Son, D'Angelo, Rises To Baseball Stardom

BOSTON (CBS) -- David Ortiz has an incredible baseball career to look back on whenever he wants, but the former Red Sox great is having a lot more fun relishing in the present. Ortiz isn't swinging a big bat anymore, but his son, D'Angelo, certainly is.

And Ortiz is absolutely loving having a front row seat for his son's rise to stardom.

D'Angelo Ortiz, who will turn 17 next month, is currently a junior at Westminster Christian High School in Miami, Florida. The school has a knack for producing big leaguers, sending five players -- including Alex Rodriguez -- to Major League Baseball.

Ortiz loves being a spectator for his son's development, though he does admit that sometimes, he occasionally gets a little too amped over D'Angelo's big swings.

"It really brings memories back. Sometimes, like the other day he hit a grand slam and I'm jumping, all excited, and I forgot I have to keep it tight," Ortiz told WBZ-TV's Dan Roche at his recent charity golf event to benefit the David Ortiz Children's Fund.

Ortiz isn't putting any lofty expectations on his son, but he's always available to give him a few tips and pointers.

"You're teaching the hard parts of the game. The things you struggled with they learn and try to put it into play," explained Ortiz.

That is, if D'Angelo is willing to listen. While Ortiz knows a few things about swinging a bat, D'Angelo doesn't always want to be coached by his pop. At least the rising star has plenty of other Major League mashers at his disposal.

"Know what is funny that is giving advice. They listen to advice coming from your friends more than you," said Ortiz. "I talk to him about his hands, his bottom half. Then he goes back to the same things. But [Albert] Pujols or someone else calls him and tells him to do something, and they do it right away. What's going on? What did I miss? But that is human nature."

Spoken like a true dad.

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