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Daily Talker: Patriots Fans Sue The NFL Over Deflate-Gate

Most Patriots fans want Deflate-Gate to just go away. But a few are ready to fight in court. A group of New England fans have filed a lawsuit against the NFL citing emotional distress. Seven fans from Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida are going after the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell accusing both of fraud and negligence. Their goal is to get the team's draft picks back. The lawsuit reads, "Unless enforcement of the Defendants' unlawful policies and practices are enjoined, the Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable injury by being deprived of their teams' first round draft choice."

One Patriots season-ticket holder, Todd Orsatti, claims the Deflate-Gate saga has his young daughter questioning her fandom. The lawsuit states, "Orsatti attends games with his 7-year-old daughter. She will no longer go to games with him because she thinks the games are fixed by the NFL after her team was punished based merely on conjecture. She is talking about finding another team, which has left Orsatti 'devastated.'"

The lawsuit also addresses rivals, "For Patriots haters, Deflate-Gate seemed like a gift. For many scientists, Deflate-gate seemed like a lot of hot air." What do you of the fans' lawsuit?

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