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Daily Talker: New Slogan For Massachusetts?

Rhode Island was blasted on social media last week after two gaffes with its tourism campaign. The first mistake was using video that wasn't shot in Rhode Island and the second was touting landmarks they didn't have. In response to this, our Jon Keller took a closer look at the Massachusetts slogan: "It's all here in Massachusetts!" Governor Charlie Baker says he likes it, "I always have. [It] makes the point." But it seems not everyone agrees with him. Keller put out a plea for your suggestions for our state tourism slogan. And you weren't shy.  Lynda S. suggested: "Massachusetts: The prettiest state you can't afford to live in." Josh S. offered: "Massachusetts: If you make it, we'll tax it." David B. took a cue from New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" and suggested: "Live Free and Sleep In." Keller points out a common theme was bad attitudes. Sean F. said: "Massachusetts: We don't care and it shows." Keith L. suggested: "Welcome to Massachusetts. We're not happy until you're not happy." What do you think? What should our tourism slogan be?

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