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Daily Talker: Crowdfunding For College

College tuition is expensive. And no one wants to end up with student loan debt after they graduate. A local teenager is trying something different to pay for school. She's crowdfunding. Emily Stutz of Lowell created a Go Fund Me page when she realized she and her family were going to have trouble paying for school. In less than a month, she's raised more than $24,000. Emily says she's surprised and excited. She wrote an update on the page saying in part, "We're being cheered on from people all over the world and that is truly amazing… This is something I will never forget and the fact that I have almost 2 years of college now paid for is something I will be eternally grateful for." In her post, Emily also made a promise, "One day, when I am financially stable and working as a psychiatrist I will offer a scholarship for the total amount of money I end up receiving, to give back to future students." What do you think of teens crowdfunding to pay for college?

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